Wednesday, August 09, 2006

camp for kids with diabetes

Juvenile diabetes has become a growing concern in this country, but a local medical center is doing something to help. Ashli Kimenker went to Diabetes Summer Camp at the FMC Park today.
Portneuf Medical Center hosted their Juvenile Diabetes Summer Camp today, and the kids gained more than just a education.

Learning about diabetes isn't fun, but it is something kids who have it need to know.

Nancy Bickley, camp organizer: "One of the important things about managing their diabetes is that they have a knowledge, they know how to do good management, and that's what we do. We try to make them learn about it in a fun way and gain some education about it."

But education wasn't the only goal of this camp.

Nancy Bickley, camp organizer: "I think probably the most important thing is that they develop really good friendships. They learn about diabetes and they kind of become motivated to do better."

Building friendships between the children shows they have support, and that is what keeps one mother and daughter coming each year.

Joann Cook, happy mother: "Becky loves it. She loves seeing the little kids take care of their blood sugars and it's a good educational thing and it makes the kids feel all on the same level like nobody is different."

Showing them they aren't alone is a successful way to build awareness and build a support group of kids their own age.

"The best thing is that they talk together and they find out what to do about their diabetes. They can talk about their different problems and what they do."

Organizers said they have these camps because the best way to learn how to take care of yourself the rest of your life is to start early.


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